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November 26, 2007
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At a bonded state, the host is covered with the symbiote’s mass. What is bonding really? Strongly bonded? Is it bonding with the cells of the body?(actually a part to bonding, I might have said before) This is explained in this deviation.

Host for survival

Before the venom symbiote, they bonded to hosts just to “eat” their adrenaline(a type of chemical released form being scared or thrilled) by using its ability to make them to insane stunts and such to do so. During which, I think they feed of it much at a time (probably like a buffet), resulting in death of the host. So basically the symbiote possesses the body, feed off it, and moves on to a another. Venom was the first of the kind to have long term bonding, feeding little as possible. So bonding is actually possessing? Partly. The last deviantation talked about how the symbiote can create the “super strength“, but in order to have possession and have the host do the following actions, the symbiotic must have control the mind. In order to so that, it must be close, or bonded to it.


So, the reality to bonding to the living suit is the mind of the host. Since the mind is where the thoughts are exchanged an communicated. If the symbiote is able to influence it, the actions of the host can go towards its favor. In the articles about them, they said that if a symbiote or host tries to break(come off) a strongly bonded host (bonded for a long time, close to permanently bonding to a host) both the host and symbiote will be rendered unconscious from shock for a time if successful. This can be explained from the Bonding, because of how the minds were working as a united one. This way most of the things that I explained are able to get done. Usually when the host is unconscious (like a venom symbiote) the symbiote takes over and able to the control the body for them.

It can also apply physically as well, since through the mind it alters itself to improve the hosts physical capabilities, and possibly manipulate the humans tissue as well to resemble a symbiote biological structure.

Well, this took me about a week or two to make such a incredibly short deviantation. I hope you enjoyed reading this none the less.
One of the most hardest one to do yet. Took me about 2 weeks and such a short deviantation. Sorry but please enjoy anyways. i still have ideas but they are coming in pretty slow. requests are welcomed, as i said in my journal. Thank you!
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Holy cow! Your an expert!
An expert
on the very fear I fear...
NyctoScoto May 5, 2012  Student General Artist
I have been struck... STRUCK BY AWESOMENESS!!! :spidey:
Another coment. I reread one of your articles that mentioned its viscosity (how easily it flows) and i thought 0f slimopathic liquids. They act like solids when handled quickly, and like liquids when handled slowly. Examples include: ketchup, snail & slug slime, cornstarch (I think). this is evident in all media I've seen, when unbonded. Feel free to ask questions Im full of useless factlets you'll never need to know.
Thanks! some of your comments just make me smile. im sure i got someone whos quite bright. oh, and for the corstarch, you add water for it to do what you explained.
You could mention genetics of symbiotes. I found a none-too-clean article, that talks about possible cells, or something. In humans, are cells are given specific jobs, such as brain cells, skin cells, and others. Even though thier given jobs, they still have the DNA, so symbiotes use this to have an undefined composition (I think). Google she-venom for story. (and maybe mention my neurotoxins?)
err- i mean make it actually, not edit the genetics.
nerotoxin i will edit them right in this one and the first one you commented on, since you gave me two comments! i read the not oo clean one you proabably metioned about, and yes, i do agree with this. i edit that in too. I'll get right on it when i have the time =D
Nice work once again. :D Always intriguing. :)
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