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October 30, 2007
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The symbiote, to a brief note
What is a symbiote  you say? Well, it’s a semi-liquid like organism that bonds in order to survive. When it bonds it usually take shape of the host (to a point).

In this part, I am only going to talk about the symbiote itself.

It’s ooze like, but its alive and able to move, but not really fast. Its able to change texture from if self and color. To do this, it would need to have a complicated brain. An example of why is the cuttlefish. The cuttlefish is from the octopus family. It is able to change its color to and a texture(only by a little bit) to camouflage against predators. This is only possible because of there complicated brains. Other octopus can do this too. Also, the brain reasoning of mine could be why symbiotes are able to take over minds, or influence easily. In the comics, the symbiote flows around and tendrils ( tendrils, or what others call “tentacles” are what people call the things that symbiotes little “arms” that the symbiote forms to grab and bond onto a host, also some times used for transportation) come out only when it attempts to bond with a host. Different, the symbiote in “Spiderman 3” more crawls using multiple “legs“ to pull its self. I think both is okay. In both the symbiote is shiny like latex both when bonded or by itself.

Is it warm or cool, thick or liquid like?

Fan fiction writers write differently of what it is, but it basically comes to the categories that are above. Why it is warm can be since all that is alive(for mammals and such) except the coldblooded,are warm to the skin. For being cold it could be that its sensitive to heat, a weakness of the symbiote(later explained). My opinion would be warm. Thick (like pudding) or liquid (like water) like is kinda the same thing, so I'll just explain. The symbiote is only semi-liquid because of it having the characteristics of both. If it was all liquid like it would be easy to break from it when it attempts to bond, and tendrils would be harder to form. If it was all thick, or even solid, then it probably wouldn’t be liquid, more like some soft thing that couldn’t be flexible or liquidy enough to be able to bond. This can pertain to a slimopathic liquid, which becomes solid when handled quickly, and liquid when slowly like cornstarch and water, which could explain a lot(thx SAmaster). What are they, for real? You have to decide.


Symbiotes are sensitive to great heat and sound, which is both displayed in the movie in comics. I don know how, but some say its because to the seeds in them; what are used to spawn (give birth) to symbiotes (they can usually only spawn one, but they have more than one seed) speaking about spawning, the spawned symbiote usually are stronger in some attributes than the parent. This sometimes is why the parent despises its young due to competition.

How does is talk?

The symbiote is a bit telepic- has psychic powers to a point. I was thinking that it has to reach the mind, but I guess this is ok too. I found this info at some point. I guess it can talk to you just by touching. Eh, so may opinions. i found out its kinda both. Go figure.  

Thanks for reading! More writings will be done at sometime, but I don’t know what they will be. Questions or comments/requests? Please put them in the into the introduction devintation. Any corrections of my reasoning of questions about my reasoning will be in this one.
Here is the first one! leave comments on intro, corrections or diffrent opinons here for others to read. anything wrong of how i write? please, put down some suggestions.

Edit: something is added in the end.
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calvinchow23 Jun 5, 2010
Nice information about symbiotes. Can you tell me, are all symbiotes evil?
From what I gather, no.

As described by Marvel, many have the natural instinct to bond, and possibly be naturally violent. I hear they unlock the darker elements of the human mind that originally were surpressed?

Another side effect is affecting ones sanity.

If your familar with "nature vs nurture", as how a human turns out to be good or evil/personality wise is because they are born with it/they were raised to be so, then the same can be applied to symbiotes.

Originally symbiotes are a race that jump from one host, suck its life out, then jump to another. Venom was an exception where a mutation leads it to generally stick to one host unless some conditions apply, like the host dying.

Venom is visious due to Spiderman's breakoff and bonding to Brock.

Carnage is deadly due to bonding to Kassidy AKA murdurous unstable.

Toxin's host resists the urges of violence that were due to the instincts inherited by Carnage, but the hosts will eventually leads to the symbiote being good.

So I guess it can depend on the host.
wow this is long
This is so cool! =)
Thanks! both for the compliment and the faves.
I have a few thoughts but im not shure whitch cadagory to place them....
as in how you should submit it?

I usually use prose as the category, though thats not it technically.

Thoughts eh? I'd like to read as well.
when the symbiote change from peter to brock it still contained the spiderman abilitys,i was thinking that the longer itz with a host the more permanent the things it learned become. even after the sybiote separets....sorta
(am i makeing eny since... sry for spelling)
No,no,your making sense, and the spelling isn't that bad.

Hmm. Thats a nice assumption there. There probably is a relation between the skills learned, as well as other traits are adopted as time goes on.

For me, I would think that that time would be short, and other things may take awhile to actually set in.
I like what your doing, it reminds me of a wiki. Keep it up! :)
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